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Hot Tub Chemicals

Clean spa water is very important. The better balanced your water is, the better for you, your family, and your hot tub. 

First and foremost is you and your family. Bacteria loves warm water. Bacteria loves our hot tubs. Keeping your spa water properly sanitized will prevent bacteria from living in your spa and protect you from rashes and infections. 

Second is your spa. PH balance is very important for the equipment in your hot tub. Improper balance of the PH in your spa water can damage sensors, heater elements, pumps, and more. This can lead to an expensive repair bill that anyone would want to avoid.

These are some of the reasons why we carry Capo Industries hot tub chemical line SpaBoss. A line of hot tub chemicals well known in the industry, and complete with anything you may need to keep your hot tub water clean and clear!

No one likes dirty water. Okay, maybe our furry friends do.
SpaBoss Chemicals


There are other things that fall under the name "Chemicals" that aren't really chemicals. Here are some other things we carry. 


Filters are an important line of defense for the cleanliness of your spa water. We carry the most common filters, and special filters can be ordered in a very short amount of time. 

Salts and Fragrances

Spazzaz Hot Tub Salt Crystals
We carry the popular lines of Spazazz and InSparation salts and fragrances. Weather you are looking for therapy salts or a wonderful fragrance to add to your relaxing time, we can offer them to you.