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There are many different forms of education when it comes to hot tubs. Weather you are learning chemicals or the spa itself, it can seem to be a little bit daunting. We're here to help remove the mystery.

Spa School

New to hot tubs? Just bought a house with a spa in the back yard? Whatever the reason, you need to know how it works. We can teach you! Providing step by step instruction on keypads, operation, and even cleaning and maintaining. Get in touch!

Site Checks

Considering a hot tub? Don't know where to place it? Can it be put on a deck? These are major questions that need definable answers. We can inspect and advise on the perfect place for your hot tub. Deck modifications, weight tolerance, pad material, and location matter. We can even get you in contact with companies who specialize in these services! 

Swim University 

A fantastic resource for your pool and spa chemical knowledge. How to guides, tips & tricks, and more! Check it out in the link below.