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If It's attached to your hot tub, we'll fix it. That's right. From minor odds and ends to major electronic equipment and freezing damage. We can get our hands on anything you may need for your repair.

Odds & Ends

Your hot tub has sprung a leak. Maybe just a broken jet. Whatever the issue is, we can help. Broken lights, jets, and features can detract from the appeal of your spa. Let us help!

broken hot tub air valve


circuit board and pump

Motor sounding strange? Not heating and the weather has taken a turn to the negatives? From motor rebuilds to heater elements to new circuit boards, we have the parts to make your hot tub run right.


The dreaded F-Word. All is not lost. A frozen spa can be saved. Some good old time and effort can return your hot tub from the dead!

frozen plumbing manifold